Message from Fredi D’Alessio, initial Gabriel Project coordinator for the Archdiocese of San Francisco

Posted on my blog Taking Life, Love and Faith Seriously on March 11, 2014:

If you’ve followed this blog over the past few years, you might have discerned that The Gabriel Project is my favorite ministry. There are currently nineteen posts included under the The Gabriel Project category.

How could anyone be more important than a child, even while still within his or her mother’s womb? How can we not assist a child-bearing mother in need?

The latest offering I have about this awesome ministry is a video clip from the Archbishop of San Francisco’s 2014 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. The Gabriel Project segment begins at 1:24 and ends at 4:56 minutes (three and a half minutes of your time). If you want to skip the brief intro, click here, otherwise click on the video image below.

The Gabriel Project is a national parish-based pregnancy assistance resource. Our concerns go beyond being assured that a child’s life has been spared or that a mom has been provided with initial baby items. A Gabriel Project parish’s concerns go beyond serving its own parishioners and its parish’s boundaries. We seek to serve all pregnant mothers in need regardless of their personal situation, the size of their family, their age or their baby’s gestational stage.

I have attempted to express my sentiments in these regards with the following writings:

I could never tire of expounding on the magnificence of service this ministry offers to pregnant mothers in need – in the Name of Christ Jesus, through Whom all life is created.

I have been so blessed to be able to participate in this special ministry, thanks be to God.

Gabriel Project Information Center


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